Friday, August 29, 2008


So I ordered a frame jig but I don't get it until November, Damn, that throws some slownwss on my projects... I order a jig from Joe Bringelli  and Joe is great but like many of us he is a one man shop and sometimes things just take time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bike 006

Bike 006 is going to be built for Martin B and I'm not sure exactly what he wants. I assume it will be a Cyclocross or Single Speed Trainer bike for the early wet season, fenders and bottle bosses and all that good stuff.

Got an e-mail from Martin "Yeah - I'm thinking traditional 'cross geometry but with horizontal dropouts so I can go SS or fixed. I want to be able to race the occasional SS 'cross race but mainly fender it up for some fixie fun."

Bike 005

Bike 005 is going to be built for Rich C and it will be a Cyclocross Frame built that will be able to accept 29er hubs and wheels. Not sure if I can get super fatties to fit in there but we are going to try.

Bike 004

Bike 004 will be a Single Speed Cyclocross built for John M. More details as it is built. The fitting will be next week sometime.

John has been fitted and wanted a lugged frame. I finished up the drawing and due to the larger head tube to accomadate a 1 1/8" fork and not having any 73 degrees lugs for seat and top tube we decided to fillet braze this bike. This will allow me to widen the rear tire clearence and create a more clean look on the bike. I'm planning on getting this bike done fast so John might be able to race it at least once for a cyclocross race this year. We are going to run Henry James Dropouts plug style.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike 002

I finished assembling the UBI bike and it looks pretty good. It has a few small problems that I need to work out. I built up the wheels and got the tires mounted. I like the size of these tires. I can't make up my mind if I want to paint it or not. I need to modify the rear rack cross piece as these tires are a lot bigger than the ones I used to size the bike on. I rode it around and it feels nice and really handles bumps quite well. I will consider changing the handle bar but right now this is the Metro Retro Commuter. Sorry for the low quality photo, my phone camera, more photos soon. I will also add the numbers for Head Tube Angles etc.

The first small job

So I got a call from a friend that wanted to mate two rakes together for sampling aquatic life. So he dropped off two rakes and I managed to figure out a slick way to brass weld them together. I also had some leftover Chevy engine spray paint which matched the rake's color perfectly. Anyways it was a fun small project but had absolutely nothing to do with a bicycle.