Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello NYC...The next frame will be built for AMS in New York City proper. It will be an internal hub and internal drum brakes allowing for a clean look. It will be a daily rider with some extra duty as a long distance bike. It will be lugged using Richard Sachs Nuovo Lugs and BB and Forks Crowns by Mr. ATMO. Rear Drops will be track/horizontal. This current rendering shows a larger than normal Seat Tube Angle of 79 which might need to be modified depending on how much I can stretch the lugs. Kind of excited to build this one as it is very similar to the Retro Metro I previously built. Still working out some final details on componets and tubing size but I figure by Wednesday we will be ordering some parts to get this thing going. Yeah.

Another one down

Finally finished another frame and fork. This one seemed to take forever. Sorry Greg.

Anyways, it is a pretty nice Track Bike, with nothing special except the lugs. No braze ons what so ever. Gotta love that. Simple. Built the fork and used my Marchetti bender to rake the forks, took like 10 seconds, blam... done. Perfect rake...built the forks straight, welded up straight then raked as the very last thing. Pretty cool way to do that. Frame weighs 3 pounds 10 oz