Sunday, December 28, 2008


On my way home from work on Christmas Eve I managed to crash and blew up my shoulder. Broke clean through the clavicle (Collar Bone) and fractured some other stuff in and around the tip of my right shoulder. I was coming down Hawthorne Bridge headed home in South East and I had a green  light coming down off the ramp, 16-18 mph and yes there was ice. I thought the intersection was slush and I pulled the front wheel up just a tad in case it wasn't slush. It was a rut of solid ice and it bucked me into an endo position and when the front wheel made contact it was too late, it slid out under neath me and I hit my right elbow and slid across the intersection of Grand or MLK. I got up and tried to pick up my bike with my right arm but massive electrical like shock and weird nerve damage made me stop. I moved my arm around and it seed like I was somewhat alright , but I knew I needed an x-ray. I tried to think about where the nearest Clinic was and decided to ride down 12th towards one. I made it about 1.5 miles and could not go any further. I stopped at the fire station on Powell and they called 911 and off I went in the ambulance high on 100mg of IV pain meds. Sat around for several hours in the emerg room getting shots of Morphine. Got the results of the x-ray and it was broke. I got a sling and some pain killers and sent home. My friend Matt helped me find a ride home with his nephew Chuck. I have been pacing around the house sucking on pain pills and enduring a lot of pain. I go see the ortho doc sometime next week. So another delay in production and man I'm sorry folks who are waiting for their frames.

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