Monday, May 4, 2009

City Club

Went to the City Club forum on Friday. Man 18 builders. Every builder had their painted bikes dressed to the Nines on display. My bike was dressed to the two's. Eric from Coat was there. I bet he was a proud fella with all of his childern on display. Tony P's city bike that he brought was a NeHI Grape soda color but it was mesmerizing, almost like the paint was still wet. Tony made fun of my bike as it was the only bike not painted. "What you can't paint?" Funny. There was a large crowd that showed up. 100-200 folks maybe? Maus was there snapping photos. The speakers were great, Jay, Mia and Nichols talking about bikes and the future. Nichols had an interesting point that the majority of health problems are self inflicted, bad food choices, Alcohol, Smoking, sitting around...etc. It was great to finally get to show a bike to the public. Thanks to City Club and Amy Harris for inviting me and hooking us up with some coffee. 

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