Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Name

Gosh, so many names. I originally wanted to name it after my name, Manning's, but that didn't have much going for it. Then I tried to go with a unique twist on my first name, Ed became EDO, which was a nickname given to me from my Japanese friends. Edo was the capitol of Japan during some period (Feudal) anyways now Edo is Tokyo and I didn't want to confuse folks into thinking it was a Japanese bicycle company. Then came my III, since I'm the third. Ed Manning III. I thought Cube Cycles, but didn't like that so much. I went searching for even more unique languages and Cube. Not so much. My son is the 4th, so I tried to include that, like 34 Cycle Works, Quattro, but that was Audi so I started really thinking about cycling and it hit me. What have you done? Palmares was it. Checked around and the domain was available so I started down the Path. Palmares is Honors in French and it is a list of races a rider has won, almost comparable to a resume on your bicycle. Anyways, a name took me some time, but I feel it is a worthy name.

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