Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creatures at our house (Native)

So we moved into our new house in Aug of 2009. As spring rolls around the wild life here is amazing. Here is what I can list in no order.

Rough Skinned Newt

Pacific Tree Frog

Gardner Snake

Mountain Jay

Humming Birds, So far we have seen about 4 different types.


Band-Tailed Pigeon


Robin and her eggs and babies.



Yellow Jacket Wasp

Multiple other birds, but I have not 100% ID'd them. It's kind of funny, I used to make fun of BIRDERS out in the park. Pretty sure my wife did too. Last night we both were on the couch with binoculars looking out the window at birds. I'm getting old.

Things we have heard but not yet seen. Multiple Owls and Coyotes.

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