Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giro d' Italia Board Game

So I have considered buying this board game about the Giro and today I pulled the trigger.
I bought it from Amazon and the game itself is made by Rio Grande Games
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Product Description

"In this simple yet fascinating cycling race simulation you decide the placement and energy management of your riders facing all the elements of the Giro d'Italia: sprints breakaways falls cracks punctures bonus time made and broken alliances final sprints. What is your specialty? Will you be best on plains and sprints? Will you fly in solitude on the mountain top? Or will you display a charismatic leader talent? At the end of the track only the finest strategist and the humblest hard-worker will win entering with Giro d'Italia games in the legend of the greatest Cyclists of all time. There are three differences between Leader 1 and Giro d'Italia the game. The latter has the real time rule special cards to be played once during the race and an Appendix with pictures showing how to build all the stages of the 2009 Giro d'Italia."
There is also a review over at board game geek on this too. Here is that link:Boardgamegeek Review
When I get my hands on it I will do a review heavily slanted on a bike nuts perspective.
Photo above linked to Board Game Geek
Photo above linked to Board Game Geek
Photo Above linked to Board Game Geek

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