Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Project

So Christmas is almost here, and I have had a really hard time trying to find my wife the best gift. She is a cooking, Foodie, Chef person, but does not need any more cookware. I finally decided upon a pot rack. After a lot of time drawing things out, it became obvious it would be best done and also $ ahead if I used 3/4 inch pipe as the medium of choice.

We have an island that is 4 feet x 3 feet and the roof rafters run 24" on center so I decided to use a 48"x24" design to help fit the roof format and to match up with the kitchen island. This way I could mount the support flanges firmly into the studs and not have to worry about extra support means.

I was going to hand forge the holders to attch the pots and pans to the rails, but it turns out there are shower curtains that do the job nicely and are less in cost than just the materials to do it by hand.

Well I hope the wife likes it, total cost was well under $150 and I think it looks quite nice. I could have saved about 25% by going with just black pipe but the galvanized just looks so much better....Ed

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Jen said...

Very cool. Love it!