Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home Made Pot and Pan Rack

This is some more information on the previous post. It is a list of materials so if you wanted to make your self a rack of similar capacity you could.

All materials were purchased from Home Depot. All fittings and pipe were 3/4" Inch

6  3/4" Floor Flanges, the round part with 4 pre-drilled screw holes that you can screw 3/4"pipe into.

6       3/4" T's

4      3/4" Street Elbows

6        24"x 3/4" pipe...2 were cut, I took off 1" 3/4 so that the center to center measurement would be 24" on the shorter ends, remember I made a rectangle 48"x24"

6     3 1/2" x 3/4" pipe also called Nipples

I used # 10 Philips wood screws at 1 1/2" length

I screwed everything together with no teflon tape or Pipe Dope, It's not going to hold water so it does not have to seal. Just start threading things together an the only real tricky part is the last piece. What I did was mount everything in place and I saved one of the short 24" pieces of pipe for last. The one I cut 1 3/4" off. This goes on the short end of the rectangle into the 2 street elbows. So I threaded one end as tight as I could and used a pipe wrench to tighten it up a bit. Then I lined it up with the other end and backed it out a bit so it would thread into the other end. Perfect, no need for a union and plenty strong to hold up some pots and pans...If you have questions, leave a comment and I will reply...Ed


Anonymous said...

That's awesome and looks great. Does you have any creative ideas about what sort of hooks would be strong enough to hold cast iron pans up there? My big 15" pan is about 8 or 9 pounds.

Lisa said...

Hi, Ed...love the pot rack! I'm wanting to make some things with galvanized pipe, and wonder how you get off the dirty stuff on the pipes? Please do let me know.
Thanks, Lisa